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Fredericksburg, VA 
I record this show.

Ticket Price: $0.00 (0.00 in fees) so thats like this much $0.00

Set 1:
Molly Malloy> Atomic Dog#, Base Loup> Dogs, Passapatanzy> Rockumal theme loup> Freeker By the Speaker> Night Fever*> Loup> Night Fever*, Freeker By the Speaker> Friendly Pyramid, Apparition, Stupid Questions, Multi-Syllabic> Thin Mint> Kiwi & the Apricot, Novelty Song> Franklin's Tower

Set 2:
Instrumental> Bob Rules> Restless Wind> Bob Rules> Shakedown Street> Loup> Shakedown Street, Instrumental, Pre-Mental Instra Loup> Brunette> Mental Instra, Breathe> Toy Loup> Breathe, Zilla Jam> Kinky Reggae, Take Me to the Tundra, Jam> Airport Tease> Life Is> Loup%, Blazeabago> The River&> Blazeabago, Turn in Difference Encore: Rapper's Delight

#all-acoustic,George Clinton, full version!
*BeeGees cover
&Mentions writing "The River" when he was only 16
%With theramin
After Christmas benefit for the SPCA of Fredericksburg