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Albany, NY 

Ticket Price: $27.50 (4.25 in fees) so thats like this much $31.75

Set 1:
Possum, My Friend My Friend > Gumbo > Maze, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Roggae, Guyute, Run Like an Antelope*

Set 2:
Gotta Jibboo > The Curtain > Sand%^ > Makisupa Policeman^#, Cars Trucks Buses^ > Funky Bitch^, Cavern, E: Harry Hood^+

* With Tom Marshall onstage to say the "Marco Esquandolas" part.
% with glowsticks.
^ With Michael Ray on trumpet.
# Keyword was "schwag".
+ Unfinished; also, after he "thank you, Mr. Minor" part, 5 people were taken out of the audience to sit on stage to keep Michael Ray company, since Phish didn't want him to play untilthe last part of the song. Trey thanked "Michael Ray and the Michael Ray Chorus".

Post-show music was the Bee Gees' "More than a Woman"