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Columbia, MD 

Ticket Price: $50.00 (7.07 in fees) so thats like this much $57.07

Set 1:
Walfredo, Mellow Mood, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan > The Divided Sky, Tela, My Soul, Ginseng Sullivan, Sample in a Jar, Bathtub Gin, Brian and Robert, Run Like an Antelope

Set 2:
Wilson > Meatstick > I Saw It Again > Piper > Ghost > Jumpin' Jack Flash > I Saw It Again > Contact, You Enjoy Myself

encore: Fire

This show featured the first Walfredo since September 30, 2000 (131 shows). Fishman on bass, Trey on keys, Mike on guitar, Page on drums.
Antelope contained Brian and Robert teases and an alternate "Michael Esquandolas" lyric.
Meatstick contained Japanese lyrics.
Jumpin' Jack Flash was a Phish debut.
Ghost, Contact, YEM and Fire all contained Saw it Again quotes.
YEM also contained Jumpin' Jack Flash teases and, in the vocal jam, quotes of Saw It Again and Surfin' Bird (The Trashmen).
The lyrics to Fire were changed to "Let Jon Fishman take over."