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Saratoga Springs, NY 

Ticket Price: $50.00 (7.07 in fees) so thats like this much $57.07

Set 1:
Tweezer reprise, Chalk Dust Torture, Funky Bitch, Runaway Jim, Ya Mar, Sample in a Jar, Axilla, Fluffhead, Bathtub Gin, Suzy Greenberg

Set 2:
Rock and Roll, Free, Backwards Down the Number Line, Halfway to the Moon*, Prince Caspian > Joy, David Bowie, Show of Life

encore: The Squirming Coil, Character Zero, Tweezer reprise

*First time played
This gig featured the first Tweezer Reprise opener since November 9, 1995 (482 shows) and the debut of Halfway to the Moon. Suzy contained a Living After Midnight (Judas Priest) tease. Tweezer Reprise closed both this show and the previous night's show in Hartford as well, making this the first time since July 16, 1993, that two consecutive Phish shows had each closed with the same song. (Freebird closed both the July 15 and July 16, 1993, shows.)