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Fredericksburg, VA 
I record this show.

Ticket Price: $20.00 (0.00 in fees) so thats like this much $20.00

Set 1:
Thin Mint > You May Be Right, Chicken Train, loup > More than a Little, Alligator Alley, Moondance > base loup> Moondance, Freaker, Breathe tease > Spartan Clarinet > Breathe. Tubeular ^ > Breathe, Roshambo, Two Ding-a-lings, People Watching, Dogs > Zilla jam> loup> Boob Job

Set 2:
Sheebs, Up in my Cadillac, Turn in Difference, Kidney &, Dudely Wah, Brown Eyed Women, Travel by Ballon (cover?), > Celebrate Your Youth> cover?, Rockumal loup %+, Cracker Ass Cracker, loup, Multisyllabic, loup > trumpet battle** > Rapper's Delight, Mullet Cut, Moving Sidewalk, loup *, Best Feeling E: Freekshow

after Christmas benefit concert for the SPCA in Fredericksburg, VA $ Holiday Inn tease ^ w/ 3rd Stone from the Sun teases and theramin & Jhoon Rea & the Jeffersons theme tease %jaw harp +drum kit #slide guitar style @Lou had on dark shades, and did a trumpet battle with keller *SPCA rant, also mentiond having recently found a pair of labs and taken them to the SPCA, asking the owner to go pick them up ** God Yest Ye Merry Gentlemen tease