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Alexandria, VA 
I record this show.

Ticket Price: $18.50 (4.35 in fees) so thats like this much $22.85

Set 1:
Instrumental, Here Comes the Sun> Landlord> One Hit Wonder> Night Fever> Big Ass Crater, Loup> Boob Job> Loup> Stargate, Lion Sleeps Tonight Loup> Tell My Feet I Made it Home, No Hablo Espanol> Valerie#, Celebrate Your Youth*> Novelty Song

Set 2:
Instrumental> Rockumal Loop> Freeker By the Speaker> Instramental**, Keep It Simple, Jhoon Rea> Take Me to the Tundra, Hallelujah##, Mental Instra> Brunette> Mental Instra, Breathe###, Flying, Victory Song> Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes***> Love Handles E: Zilla Jam^> Dogs

#Garcia/Hunter cover, first time played? *On fretless guitar **On acoustic base ##Martin Sexton Cover ###w/ short Oh Ay Chant, Bru Loup, and pvc zylophone looping ***Incomplete, in crazy martian voice ^w/ Crooked tease